I Had No Idea What I Was Doing Anymore...

Mother. Wife. Writer.
Emily Sophia



Mom. Wife. Writer. Gardener. Researcher. DIYer. Daydreamer. Nighttime thinker. Warm weather enthusiast. Moments capturer. Big laugher. Giver of snacks.

How I Was Able to Transform My Life with One Simple Change

From 232 to 148. I was 42, married, a mother of 4. I had lost all identity that didn't include mother or wife. From kids, work, keeping up with the house to everything in between, I had no time for me. My health started to decline, I was always tired, and I was stressed to the max!
emily sophia

My journey began when my husband as me, "are you sure that's gonna fit?"

Years of happy marriage & having wonderful kids, I never imagined I'd be worrying about my husband leaving me.
But it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened!
"The life never remains the same after having kids." She was trying to scare me off boys, but trust me those words never left my mind!
As soon as I had children, I had an excuse for why I couldn't keep the weight off. I never once blamed all those chocolates, cheeseburgers, and soda I consumed on a daily basis.


- Eliminating all greasy foods
- Oatmeal for breakfast
- Using only healthy, whole ingredients
- and even the EXERCISE
Week after week, I saw the scale barely budge. As I remembered what my mom said, I went back to eating the foods I enjoyed.


I was haunted by one thought all day and all night:


(Worst sensation ever)

I tried everything and nothing worked...

I was lost, lonely, and embarrassed of myself!
I watched my mother pass as a result of poor eating habits, obesity, diabetes, and other factors.

And now, I'm at risk of losing my husband.

It was the wake-up call I needed to get a handle on things and get my life back on track.
But before that, I was gasping for air every time I walked across the room to the refrigerator.
Not to mention the agonizing pain and inflammation caused by the swelling in my ankles and knees...
I always wanted to get to the refrigerator to grab my ice cream and all the other junk I shouldn't be eating!

Was I destined to follow in my mother's footsteps? Was there anyone or anything that could help me?

I was lost, alone, and ashamed.
I was desperate and despairing, until a lady I'll never forget told me about this "Simple Tropical Loophole!"
I was doubtful at first, but I felt there was nothing to lose by giving it a shot.
I'm in my tropical dream location, and believe me, I couldn't enjoy it because of how bad I felt about my weight...and myself.
After a series of failed diet attempts and a sense of hopelessness, I decided to try something different.
I had no idea what to do but I got a little hope of recovering myself with this truly unknown method...
I really started to dig deep and realized that I thought the "hard way" was the only way I ever tried. Maybe, it was okay to try something the easy way. Maybe the rest would follow suit!
This was my turning point of my life!
emily grace 2



With just 5 seconds a day, I was able to:

​♦ Enjoy activities, as opposed to doing an insane amount of workouts

​♦ Eat most of my favorite foods when I want them (but I don't go crazy!)

♦ ​Improve my relationship.

​♦ Get rid of joint pains, inflammation and lack of energy

♦ Wear my favorite jeans and swimsuit.

​♦ Saw myself confident about my body & got my glow back.

"Being healthy must become a life decision."

I'm so thrilled to share the Tropical Loophole that CHANGED MY LIFE...
Today,  I feel VIBRANT and INCREDIBLE!

Finally, I've reached a point where I can say that I've reclaimed myself... I enjoy coming to the beach and am comfortable in my bikini!

My husband and I are now happier than ever, and I'm feeling like a kid again!!!
I'll never forget the woman who told me about this "Simple Tropical Loophole" and she is the one who started me on my health and fitness path. But I believe in my heart that I was supposed to hear her secret on that exact day.
I wish I had the words to express my gratitude and thank her from the bottom of my heart.
She transformed my life in such a way that I was able to retain and enjoy the most significant thing in my life: MY MARRIAGE!

Today, I am 44 and I feel twenty years younger...No more being hard on myself and worrying that my husband will leave me!

I can finally enjoy the days out & beautiful beaches with my husband and all our friends.

It changed my life and now I want to share the opportunity with others!